“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.” ~ Oscar Wilde


It turns out today is World Photo Day.  On this day in 1839 – after the daguerreotype photography process was formally introduced in France – the French government (after purchasing the patent) announced the gift as being “free to the world.”  I cannot think of any other description of photography that is more appropriate.  176 years later, we are all photographers.  Most of us take at least one photo every single day, and technology has spawned multiple generations of photo editors, croppers, filter users, and color enhancers in simultaneous fashion.  The act of image creation is more ubiquitous than ever before, which results in a variety of reactions from those who photograph for a living.


I do my best to embrace it, the universal interest in photography.  It presents a creative opportunity, for those who will accept it…maybe you can develop your own style, work on improving your images, find others whose work you admire.  For anyone paying attention to my rants, I clearly have an artistic affection for natural lighting.  I’m basically out of new ways to describe my love for the challenge and satisfaction of harnessing the light we are given and using it as a canvas, or like a brush, painting strokes of light to and fro.  I love it because it is old-fashioned.  It’s a fundamental as old as photography itself.  I guess I’ve made it my “thing,” and that individual angle on artistic creativity is something I treasure.  What a rush when you can put an artistic and creative spin on a real moment.


Friends, I hope you enjoy these weekly images from present or past which tell a unique story.  As rambled about before, I love a photo that can keep your attention for several minutes; something that can provide the description of a moment without words.



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