From My Perspective XXXVI


I’ve shared this many times, but it never gets old: I love working moments of spontaneity. Time is very limited, so you ‘clear the room,’ rearrange some furniture, raise the blinds, and situate the bride…and the result is a gorgeous image of a beautiful bride that could very well have been a bridal portrait shot in a studio.



Harnessing natural light – even when it comes through the window – adds a very gentle touch to the image. I love this photo because it’s beautiful and because the bride was such a delight to work with, but I also love it because I embrace the improvisation of quickly arranging the moment. Most of what we do when photographing a wedding comes by way of observation, so it’s always very rewarding to see results like this when we actually need to orchestrate a few posed photos.



Friends, I hope you enjoy these weekly images from present or past which tell a unique story. As rambled about before, I love a photo that can keep your attention for several minutes; something that can provide the description of a moment without words.

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