From My Perspective

I love the unexpected – about 95 percent of the time – when taking photographs.  Some photographers want to control as many details as possible, and certainly need to.  I simply prefer the unforeseen.

This wonderful couple had their first dance on a stage, something we had been told in advance.  What I didn’t know, however, was that there would be miscellaneous items pushed to the side of the stage in an effort to make room, including a full-length mirror.  This is admittedly the first time I’ve photographed two ‘first dances’ in one.   I love the combination of light over the couple with the darkness surrounding the mirror – I think it makes the reflection stand out that much more effectively.

Friends, I hope you enjoy these weekly images from present or past which tell a unique story. As rambled about before, I love a photo that can keep your attention for several minutes; something that can provide the description of a moment without words.