“Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion” ~ Charles Kuralt

I wonder if there has ever been a time when those words would ring more accurately than they do today, and I’m speaking specifically of photography.  I have this conversation quite often.

It is a double-edged sword.  Everyone takes photos on a daily basis in 2015, and I believe that’s – potentially – both beneficial and detrimental to the work I do.  I focus on the benefit.  More people are paying attention to photography than ever before, so if you pound away with high-quality images and the method behind your craft, perhaps they will understand and have a greater appreciation.  Yes, we live in a society of immediacy and instant gratification, and that does spill over into what some people expect from professional image-taking.  But for the most part I see the ubiquitous obsession with ‘snapping pics’ as a good thing for someone like me.

I do see myself evolving during this time, leaning ever harder upon the foundation of fundamental principles I know so well.  Yes, I will clown around with the occasional ‘selfie’ or something along those lines, but all in all I am standing more firmly in my stubborn obsession with producing an excellent product more than ever before.  I am not a curmudgeon, haha…but with every fad I do feel a tug from the past, from those who taught me.  Trends are only temporary, somewhat like limbs on a tree, capable of snapping at any time.  I like to acknowledge the limbs, but I focus on the roots.

Friends, I hope you enjoy these weekly images from present or past which tell a unique story. As rambled about before, I love a photo that can keep your attention for several minutes; something that can provide the description of a moment without words.