Pursuing a passion or hobby as a part-time or full-time career is a risk.  The reward can be tremendous, but the uncertainty is very real.  Burnout is always a risk because you are converting something you love and have always made time for into a means of income…but when it works, the satisfaction is indescribable.

When you are passionate about something and possess the right motivation, you throw yourself into it head-on…and to me, as a photographer, the knowledge that someone has that ingredient in their composition makes it irresistible to photograph.  This lovely bride  – who has a heart of gold and is a very dear friend of mine – happens to be a creative genius within the world of granola.  Incorporating that into her bridal portraits was absolutely essential, and the results were priceless.  Spoon, apron, and wedding dress.  Totally irresistible.

Friends, I hope you enjoy these weekly images from present or past which tell a unique story. As rambled about before, I love a photo that can keep your attention for several minutes; something that can provide the description of a moment without words.